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Saturday, March 17, 2007

It's Just like a Mini-Mall Bitches!!

I'm tired, confused, bored, grateful, happy and sad. It's Spring Break, I'm stuck at work, luckily i found this mess on the inter-tubes, and i elected share my joy with you all like always. Oh and happy Saint Paddy's Day! Horraaay Beer!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Temporarily out of Service

I've been so damn busy with school, work, and other stuff, that i haven't had time to post anything of substance on the blog, and while I'm not gone forever, I'm not promising anything in the near future, and I'll just be posting whenever i get the chance (whenever that is). I'm on Spring Break next week, and the bad news is i don't have any specific plans, but the upside to this is that i live in sunny Miami Florida, so Spring Break comes to me. To make up for my lack of posts i offer you a truce, a video that has entertained me in the height of my boredom, i give you Tupac & Barney - Hit 'em Up. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Early Frontrunner for Worst Mother of the Year

What's the price of a life? Some will say its millions, billions even, i say priceless. I know times are hard and many is tight, but to try and trade your five month old baby for a friggin "used" Dodge Intrepid is beyond effed up.

"Police Sergeant Brett Wilson says the department was notified of the alleged baby swap yesterday morning. Within hours, they had mother Nicole Uribe behind bars and the baby safely placed with a foster home.

Wilson says Uribe traded her son to 47-year-old Jose-Juan Lerma and his 27-year-old wife, Irene, for a used Dodge Intrepid.

All three are facing a felony count of trafficking in children and are being held on 50-Thousand dollars bond. "

Thank God all the people involved are behind bars, i'm just upset that the baby now has to go through the foster care system. Where was the father in all of this, and was the couple that tried to make the swap so desperate, that they needed to go to these extremes to obtain a child? That car had better been able to fly and come with free gas for a year for her to do some crazy shit like that.


Friday, February 23, 2007

Youtube Fridaze - Infestation Edition: Would you like extra rat wit you order sir?

Another crazy week, lots of school-work, new "friends", lots of work-work and even more school work. I was at work today looking busy doing nothing when i ran into this post on The Consumerist, about a New York City KFC/Taco Bell being infested by huge pound-and-a-half rats. I just wanted to post this vid to show what the hell i try not to think about when i eat out anywhere. Now you KNOW the restaurant manager had to know about these huge ass things playing around, and adding extra flavor to the taco meat in his friggin store. I really don't think they came all at once, i wonder if they're like humans, when one rat finds the jackpot and calls all his homies to come thru and partake. I know one thing, imma be saving a shitload of money in the coming weeks, by eating home cooked food.

Raw Video Footage below.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Youtube Fridaze: Nyquil Edition: Joe Rogan Vs Carlos Mencia

I was out of commission for most of yesterday, mainly cause the flu knocked me off my ass. Nyquil is my homeboy this weekend, and i think it would have been a lot worse if i hadn't taken some Airborne. Anyway, while i was surfing the net this week, i ran into this story about how, Love-him-or-hate-him comedian Carlos Mencia, was confronted by Former Man Show, and Fear Factor host, Joe Rogan at the Comedy Store last weekend. Joe accused Carlos of stealing other comedian's material and says he has been doing so for years, and even brought evidence on the stage, this video is worth a watch, even just to see how Mencia defends himself.
I personally, while not a big fan of Carlos Mencia,i tune into his show occasionally, his ideas (which now may, or may not be his ORIGINAL ideas) on how people of different cultures interact with one another is refreshing. But i also look at it this way, the entertainment industry has been stealing "borrowing" form each other since it has started, from Little Richard and Elvis, to the Timbaland and Demoscene Controversy. The point is plagiarism has been happening since the dawn of time, (the guy who really invented the wheel probably got his ass killed and his ideas stolen too, hell i get most of the stuff on this site from other places, at least i site my shit) and will continue to happen, but i think credit needs to be given where credit is due, and break them niggas off a piece of change too.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Just a little timewaster

If you are bored and need something to tide you over for the next 10-15 hours, i would like to direct your attention to this little website. You're welcome.

P.S. Who's your fave on here? For me, it's a three way tie between: Ana Paula Araujo, Jessica White and Selita Ebanks. The Lord is truly Good.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How To: Spot a Fake Bluetooth Headset on eBay

I Just stumbled upon an useful article, one that will help an enterprising eBay shopper detect a fake Bluetooth Headset. They have compared several models including the Motorola H3, H700, H500 and HS850, Nokia BH-800, BH-200 and Jabra JX10. This article, is extremely useful to help protect you when making that purchase.

  • Story Here Via Howard Chui Mobile Forums
  • Two for One Special: Video and Question of The Day

    Just cus I'm bored and i haven't posted anything in a couple of days, i wanna throw a video at you. It's the Remix for Make it Rain Feat, a whole bunch of people, you normally expect to see on the track listing for a remix: R. Kelly, Clifford "the Big Red Dog" T.I.P Harris, Lil' Wayne, and his kissing cousin Baby.
    Now i pose the question(and I'm sure I'm not the only to ponder this). Why is R. Kelly setting himself up, by not only appearing on this track, but singing the hook: "I make it rain on them hoes"? Considering his past, I would like to make a formal request that the prosecution use this video, along with his others as evidence and as a confession of guilt. That is all.

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